Welcome to the Saskatchewan Border

Saskatchewan is the only Canadian province without natural borders, but don't let straight lines fool you; badlands, dunes, canyons, grasslands, forests and lakes can all be found if you know where to look.

My name is Andy Goodson, my friends and I are wilderness backpackers from the east-central region of Saskatchewan, near the Manitoba boundary. We document our travels to parks and Crown land in both provinces, with focus on those close to home: Duck Mountain, Porcupine Hills and Pasquia Hills, known collectively as the Manitoba Escarpment. Through travel, our mission is to explore the understated regions, complex landscapes and natural history of the Canadian Plains.


Created by Andy Goodson, Mitch Doll and Sean Hootz

Special thanks to all our guest contributors, friends and family who have helped make this website possible—you know who you are.

This website features storiesphotography and film projects created on our travels. Articles contain advice and research on fishing, camping, ecology and other works just for fun.

We hope you'll enjoy reading our experiences and the information they provide. We proudly support the arts, tourism and recreation opportunities that promote respect for nature and appreciation for public spaces.

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