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Angler's Map of Saskatchewan updates

The Angler's Map of Saskatchewan is a comprehensive map of public lakes and streams for recreational fishing. All information is derived from public resources, particularly the annual Stocked Waters Guide made available by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and the Fort Qu'Appelle Fish Culture Station. 

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How to outfit your family sedan for adventure

How to outfit your family sedan for adventure

You've got your backpack, sleeping bag, and tent ready to go. But there's one problem... It's your car, man! 

If you're too stubborn to go full weekend-warrior Subaru-owner, your only option is to make due with what you have. So, let's take that four-door grandma car and make sure it's ready for your new rugged lifestyle.

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Prairie Peaks: Baldy Mountain

As part of the Manitoba Escarpment, Duck Mountain Provincial Park already benefits from some exaggerated elevation differences between its peaks and the Manitoba lowlands. But the park also contains Baldy Mountain, which officially claims the title of "highest point in the province." 

A view of the transition area between Duck Mountain and Riding Mountain as seen from Baldy Mountain lookout tower.


At an elevation of 832 m (2,730 ft), Baldy Mountain presides at 400 m (1,310 ft) above the surrounding lowlands. Like the Duck Mountains themselves, it is shaped entirely by glacial till from the most recent ice age up to 85,000 years ago. These glacial deposits, which can run quite thick in The Ducks, sit on top of a bed of cretaceous shale that is over 70 million years old. 

The peak is road accessible, situated north of Dauphin and Grandview, Manitoba. You can drive right up to the lookout tower, but there are also a series of hiking trails that can keep you busy for an hour, an entire afternoon, or a lifetime if you forget your compass. 

51.469198, -100.720068