• Yellow = recreation site, free camping or picnic area
  • Red = provincial park campground
  • Brown = regional park / self-register campground
  • Dark brown = national park campground
  • Diamond = point of interest

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DISCLAIMER: All resources shared here are for use at your own risk. Please abide by local regulations and respect others' use of public Crown lands. 

Scouting a Camping Location

Planning your own excursion? Here are some helpful resources we've used to plan ours. For advice on planning your own trip, feel free to start a conversation by email.


  • Campgrounds and Recreation Sites - Three layered map with landmarks & points of Interest; recreation sites (includes FREE and self-register campgrounds); and regional, provincial and national parks. Map does not include privately owned, non-regional park, campgrounds. 
  • Atlas of Canada - Toporama - Interactive topographic map available to public via Natural Resources Canada. 
    • TIPS: Read contour lines to determine sharp elevation points. These will usually follow rivers and make for more interesting excursions.
    • Too cheap to buy a real topo map? Print one off using the interactive map and try not to get it wet!
  • Agricultural Crown Land Map Viewer - Interactive map available to public via Government of Saskatchewan. 
  • Angler's Map of Saskatchewan - most of our trips start by finding a place to fish. From there, the area is yours to explore. 

Where to Fish in Saskatchewan