The Angler's Map of Saskatchewan is a free interactive map useful for locating most road-accessible lakes and streams open to recreational fishing. All information is derived from public sources, stocked waters guides and fish population monitoring surveys. Please use ethical fishing practices and be respectful of other anglers.

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How to use the map

Use the search function to find a lake or stream by name or species. There are two separate layers for stocked trout (red) and native species (blue). For details and links to depth charts, select a body of water from the list or click a pinpoint on the map. 

  • Red: exotic trout (brook, rainbow, brown, tiger, and splake)
  • Blue: common species (pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, etc.)
  • Dark Blue: common species + lake trout or irregular/mixed species
  • Indigo: common species + Arctic grayling (may not be road-accessible)
  • Faded: winter/summer kill, poor survey results or low stocking rates.

More fishing resources:

Fishing Information for Manitoba:

  • Lake Information for Anglers (Manitoba) - Interactive map provided by Manitoba's Conservation and Water Stewardship. Provides angling locations, species information and detailed stocking records.

Disclaimer: The Angler's Map of Saskatchewan is free for personal use at your own risk. Accuracy of information is not guaranteed. Please abide angling regulations and check road conditions before travelling.