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Finding that 'Super Secret' Fishing Lake

Finding that 'Super Secret' Fishing Lake

One of the reasons that spurred my friends to start exploring our home province was the desire to find off-beat fishing locations, especially for elusive stocked trout. With an old angler's guide and a weak rural internet connection, it's still pretty easy to sleuth out a new fishing hole. There are no real secrets, unfortunately.

But in the good old days, the relationship anglers built with lakes and rivers was a deeply visceral one. Fishing spots were passed down from generations as treasured secrets. They were a source of pride. Sometimes they were found by risk-taking, hard work or knowing the right people. More often, they were found through family and long-time friends.

A few years ago, I set out to find a relatively obscure trout lake in one of my favourite forests. I like to think you can still find a lake to call your own these days. It still takes the right kind of nerve and a whole lot of patience.  

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