Artwork by Kim Freiheit

Kim Freiheit was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, where she later gave birth to me, her son, who runs this website. She now lives on an acreage outside Melville with her partner Dean Printz. Together, with two dogs and anywhere between 3-5 cats, they live a quiet life sharing a love for nature, music and art.

She has been an enduring supporter of my endeavors, whether she’s footing me a personal ‘loan’ to buy my first synthesizer, or biting her lip whenever I tell her where we’re going camping. Actually, she’s been a supporter for much longer and a source of sanity, which has a high premium when growing up in Yorkton. While the flute has been her primary artistic outlet, she has been taking up the brush and pencil more often these days.

Her painting of sunflowers on a road near the Big Muddy Badlands is from a day trip in southern Saskatchewan, featured in the 2015 story Saskatchewan Likes Big Buttes.


She doesn’t have an online gallery of her work but she occasionally posts her work on Instagram, along with photos of cats, dogs and occasionally embarrassing photos of her two sons.

Artwork by Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh was born and raised in India. He is a self taught professional artist and instructor with a home studio in Regina, Saskatchewan. He works primarily in Water media and is a signature member of Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC).

His sketch of Steeprock River, Manitoba is based on a photo taken on a 2018 backpacking trip.

To see more of Bhupinder’s work, visit his website

Sketch of Steeprock River Valley by Bhupinder Singh

Artwork by Brenda Maas

Brenda Maas is a Saskatchewan-born artist who works with both oil paints and soft pastels. Her work is influenced by her travels, typically featuring natural subjects and landscapes. Her 2016 pastel drawing of the Little Swan Valley is based on a photo that appeared in the story Final Trips and Final Trips.

To see more of Brenda’s work, visit

Pastel drawing of Little Swan Valley by Brenda Maas