Child's Lake

Failed Fishing Trips and Photography

Anyone that's fished with me knows I'm on the hunt for trout. From brooks to browns, they're all a blast to reel in. Their not bad table fare either. But, there's one species that eludes me: the lake trout & brook trout hybrid, splake. So last November, I set out on one last open water fishing trip to set the score straight...

Laurie Lake - Cold as the dickens.

Apparently I misjudged my timing for late autumn fishing. Skeptical on how to approach the ice, I curl a small rock across the glass. It slides about 20 feet onto the lake before disappearing into the abyss... I choose life. 

Minutes later I convince myself that since I drove all this way, I damn well better catch a splake. There's two other anglers fishing about 6 feet off the shore so I figure I'll do the same. I grab my auger, strap my ice fishing rod to my backpack, and hike out to a more "secluded spot." In retrospect, this is probably a stupid thing to do. 

I'm my own worst enemy. After scooping out a couple holes, I reach for my fishing rod, but it's nowhere to be found. I spend the rest of the morning searching through the bush for where it fell out... So, there's now a free fishing rod somewhere east of the dock if anyone is interested. 

What else can you do when the universe steals your fishing mojo? Take photos instead. 

Intense snow dogs over a smokey field. Some typical parkland scenery right here, boy. 

Just north of San Clara, Manitoba

I travel as far north as Two Mile Lake before turning back the way I came. By 4 pm, the sunlight is already dwindling. Time to go home. 

Path to Two Mile Lake

Trail signage on East Blue Lake - flooding has clearly been an issue. 

I barely made it back to Laurie Lake in time for the last rays of sunlight. 

Sun setting over frozen Laurie Lake

The day ends right where it started... Looking around the shorelines for my fishing rod. Oh well. I get in my car to scroll through some of the day's photos and can't help but smile. Fishing and photography are the perfect match: one takes over when the other sucks. Difficulties aside, it was an amazing day. 

But mark my words...

One day, I will have my splake.